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Providing product solutions with the same or improved functionalities at a considerably lower weight, we make a change for a better, lighter future. Lighter cars, less emissions, a happier environment.

Our Brand

TCH Industrial Group covers an important part in the automotive value chain through:

The Cogeme brand, active as a Tier 2 component supplier thanks to its product portfolio made up mainly by Turbocharger and Powertrain components and sub-assemblies.

The Cimos brand, which operates both as a Tier 2 component supplier and a Tier 1 automotive supplier with a product portfolio composed of mainly Turbocharger components and Powertrain products.

The very best in mechanical components for the automotive industry

Cimos is a highly acclaimed automotive supplier founded in 1972. It operates as a Tier 1 and Tier 2 supplier to main automotive manufacturers. Cimos consists of two divisions – Turbo and Powertrain and currently produces in 10 plants certified with IATF 16949 (ISO/TS) located in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina and Serbia. Its main technologies employed are forging, casting, machining and assembly.

High precision mechanical solutions

Cogeme was established in the 1974 and since 1991 is focused on the realization of high precision solutions. Cogeme is a Group with organized, flexible and dynamic structure. Currently operates in 3 plants located in Italy, Romania and India in accordance with the highest quality standards. Its main processes are machining, forming, forging and assembly.

Our clients